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Can an exorcism prevent the bloodiest war our world has ever seen? The time to find out is creeping nearer. I received the final manuscript for The Exorcism of Adolf Hitler from my editor, Nismeta, this week. This was my second time working with her and she apparently read all 104,000 words of it in just two days, which is seriously impressive when you think about it. I know I don’t usually blow through a whole book that fast. She said the only reason she didn’t finish it in one day was because she had to sleep at some point. While I suppose the whole point of a horror novel is to keep readers awake, I’ll cut her and myself some slack. The mind can only withstand so much.

Getting the book edited was a big step and it means the hardest part (the actual writing) is done. But work continues as I move onto the publishing phase. While I have long been a writer, this is my first novel, and the process of researching, writing, getting feedback, persevering existential despair, researching some more, writing again, and obtaining ISBN numbers and a professionally designed cover has been a steep learning curve. I’m still figuring it out as I go. But the end product, I promise you, will be well worth the wait.

I believe just as strongly in the story I’ve told now as I did when I first conceived of it back in 2016. The Exorcism of Adolf Hitler actually began life as a feature screenplay. It was supposed to be a period horror movie, and it came close to getting made back in 2019-20. It was optioned to a producer in France who was deep into acquiring financing for it. But as so often happens in the film business, the project didn’t make it past that stage. It’s weird when I think back on how I was trying to tell this story within the confines of a 110-page script. The scope of it has evolved and expanded so far beyond that version that a film never could have done the current version justice. I’m excited to share it with everyone and I’ll announce a release date once I know more. Still looking like a date later this spring for now. I’ll update with more news soon!

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