It is March 1938 and Nazi Germany has plans for war. But it doesn’t have to happen.

Can one exorcism change history?

The Exorcism of Adolf Hitler by Connor Gunnin

Occupying a space between The Twilight Zone and The Exorcist, Gunnin’s novel achieves what few have dared to attempt with its depictions of demonic possession by examining the minds and motivations of not only its human characters, but the spirits that afflict them. The Exorcism of Adolf Hitler stands at the point where historical horrors and cultural convictions overlap with conspiracy theories and supernatural terrors, resulting in a perfect late-night read that will keep you enthralled until the final page.

Jason Johnson

Writer on Netflix's Mindhunter

Connor Gunnin

About Connor

Connor Gunnin is an author of horror and science-fiction novels and short stories. He was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Southern California, where he now lives in Huntington Beach. Connor was inspired to write about the darker side of life by his education and career in the hospitality industry, where he learned many terrifying truths about humanity. The Exorcism of Adolf Hitler is his debut novel.

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