Connor Gunnin was born in a downtown Chicago high-rise, which would have been an ideal, dystopian setting for a budding horror and sci-fi author had he continued to live there. Instead, he was raised in a series of ever-more inhospitable locations such as Long Island, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, and Irvine. His parents meant well by crating him up and exiling him from all he knew and loved so often, and he harbors no dark feelings toward them, nor would he ever include anything allegorical about them in his writing. That’s just not who he is. He also lived in Las Vegas, but he did that one to himself.

He did not grow up with dreams of becoming a writer. It was just something people always told him he should do and regularly asked him for help with. After working as a golf course attendant (he does not golf), hotel front desk agent, concierge, bellman, and nightclub bouncer, he ultimately decided writing was the best available alternative. Connor was deeply scarred by his experiences in these workplaces, and they continue to influence his writing to this day.

The Exorcism of Adolf Hitler is his debut novel. It follows a plot by a Nazi official who was once a Catholic priest to abduct Hitler and exorcise demonic forces from him in an attempt to prevent World War II.

Connor lives in Huntington Beach, California with his roommate and small, white dog. He is an avid traveler and roller coaster enthusiast who has visited over 80 theme parks and ridden over 500 unique roller coasters around the world.

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